Conference Program

Program of section Embedded Systems



Gheorghe Sebestyen, Anca Hangan and Dan Muresan:
Road Quality Evaluation with Mobile Devices
Presenter(s): Sebestyen, Gheorghe
Oldřich Kodym, Vladimir Kebo, Pavel Staša, Filip Beneš and Jiří Švub:
Virtual Reality in Control
Presenter(s): Kodym, Oldřich
Lukas Vojtech, Radoslav Bortel and Marek Neruda:
Outdoor localization technique using active RFID technology especially for security and disaster management applications
Presenter(s): Hrad, Jaromír
Lukas Kypus, Lukas Vojtech and Marek Neruda:
Security of ONS service for applications of the Internet of Things and their pilot implementation in academical network
Presenter(s): Hrad, Jaromír
Tamás Kovácsházy:
Synchronization Performance Evaluation of Reference Clock Connection Methods for IEEE 1588 Master Clocks
Presenter(s): Kovácsházy, Tamás
Róland Bartók and József Vásárhelyi:
Reconfigurable Hardwares for Fuzzy Rule Interpolation Base
Presenter(s): Bartók, Roland
Jaromír Škuta and Jiří Kulhánek:
Controll of car LED lights by CAN/LIN bus
Presenter(s): Kulhánek, Jiří
Róbert Galambos and László Sujbert:
Active noise control in the concept of IoT
Presenter(s): Galambos, Róbert
Oldrich Kodym, Filip Benes and Jiri Svub:
EPC Application Framwork in the context of Internet of Things
Presenter(s): Kodym, Oldřich
Sándor Tihamér Brassai, Tibor Tamas and Szabolcs Hajdu, László Bakó:
Hardware Implemented Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy System
Presenter(s): Brassai, Sándor Tihamér
László Bakó, Sándor Tihamér Brassai and Călin Enăchescu:
Design and validation of a low resource-cost video data processing method for embedded implementation of optical flow extraction
Presenter(s): Bakó, László


Ildikó Bölkény:
Measurement and Analysis of Hydrate Formation